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The Bes Brand & Philosophy

Why Bes?

 You’re probably wondering why we named our General Contracting company Bes Builder and what the heck is a Bes?  We wanted a name which captures the essence of our passion and goal of creating the best homes for families.  We pride ourselves on our unique building processes, which include a detailed and collaborative construction timeline and budget controls so everyone has access to the most current information-anytime.  A clean and safe job-site is also very important to us and for our clients. 

What's Bes

 In searching for a unique term or word to capture this essence of our business model, I came across Bes.  Bes is an ancient Egyptian god that was worshiped as a protector of  households, mothers, children and the defender of everything good and the enemy of everything bad.  Many households used put up his statue as a protector.   He also symbolizes the good things in life such as music and dance. Wow, what's better than that? 

Setting the Standard

 We pride ourselves in setting ourselves apart and differentiating our business from other typical contractors.  We care deeply about our clients, we understand the emotional, monetary and the time commitment a family makes when remodeling or building a home.  Bes captures that essence, and just like the Nike brand (Goddess of Victory) we chose the name Bes to honor our commitment to our clients in building their dream home. 

About Us



We have developed a great system for open communication, budget control and design selections.  We take the mystery out of building or remodeling your home. 


We Pay Close Attention to Detail

Building or remodeling a home involves many steps. Whether you are considering a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, building an addition or renovation, we manage this in a way that keeps you on budget and on time. 


Be Confident

We  utilize professional project management techniques.  All information about  your project is available to you at any time.  Schedules, pictures and budgets. 


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